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Contact / Membership Registration

Note: As of this time, WWY is ONLY doing sessions via video teleconference. 


  Noe G.   

Sanctification Minister &  Biblical Advocate



Walk with Yah (WWY) invites you to be a member!

And the best part is that it's free!

WWY puts out regular material (i.e. blogs and teachings) for YOU to learn more about deliverance and living set-apart / godly lives - and we can have fun doing it to. You can use this info to help you and your loved ones get free and stay free from demonic oppression. 


Here are some of the services that WWY will offer to it's members:

  • Sanctification sessions (charges will apply)

  • Email notifications for the following as they become available - you'll be the first to know about:

    • Teachings on how to apply the bible to our lives - to close any open doors that the enemy can use

    • Generic reviews of deliverance sessions as sessions are dissected to learn about the 'devices of the enemy'

    • Deliverance and healing testimonies that happen here in Atlanta or even around the country


WWY has many other ideas planned for the future (limited by time & resources) such as:

  • Documentaries as WWY goes to the streets

  • Interviews

  • Prayer Renunciations with instrumental background music 

  • Or whatever Father Yah calls WWY to do!

Exciting times are up ahead! You don't want to miss out as WWY aims to help get as many people set free from oppression so that YOU can do what you were called to do in His Kingdom! 



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