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A significant revelation about Significant Revelation

Significant Revelation is a podcast that discusses biblical concepts, deliverance teachings, and allows listeners to share their miraculous testimonies that occur all the time - of how Yeshua / Jesus set them free.

Noe, a Walk with Yah (WWY) deliverance minister, is honored to be part of this podcast when I can. I just wanted to share past episodes where you can hear more of what WWY has to say - for your spiritual nourishment.

While I included the beginning times of when Noe speaks I encourage you to listen to the podcast to hear the views of other ministers and as well as the powerful testimonies.


"It didn't go as I expected. Now what?" - A time of division in the US. In this time of uncertainty, how do we respond?

Starting around 46 minutes into the program


"The Purpose of Deliverance - The dangers of willful sin" - what are the dangers of continuing in sin?

Starting around 49 minutes into the program


"How does communication with the Spirit Realm occur?" - How are some normal ways for us to be communicating in the spirit realm?

Hosted by Noe (WWY) and Pastor Debbie (LFM)


"Eternal vs Conditional Security" - an age old debate. A chance to listen to both sides of the debate.

Starting around 43 minutes into the program


Do you need help getting your freedom that Yeshua/Jesus died for?


Deliverance minister & Biblical Advocate

Do you need help getting your miracle?

Real People, Real Problems,

Real solutions . . . even Supernatural solutions

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