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So in case you missed it (ICYMI), Walk with Yah (WWY) has been posting weekly video blogs (vblogs) on YouTube (under Playlists > WWY Vlogs). Walk with Yah is committed to getting the word out about deliverance, spiritual warfare, biblical application, etc. as Yeshua / Jesus needs His people to rise up in their authority & power. So these videos are aimed at informing people of the need and how it works as it just doesn't without effort on our part. 

So I urge you to subscribe to the WWY YouTube channel as there is much more to come . . . 


Understanding Generational Curses


Have you ever wondered about how generational curses actually apply to our lives? Many of us have heard about them but really - how do these curses actually get applied to our lives? Do you know that sometimes just doing a generic generational curse prayer may not necessarily mean that everything in your life will be perfect afterwards? Why or why not? These questions and much more are answered in this teaching but here is some info to get your started that Pastor Noe gives at Liberation Freedom Ministry . . .

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