A Little History - About Me

 Noe Gonzales  


To help you get to know me, I want to explain some of my core beliefs along with a little history.


I was born in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL in November 1967. I moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, GA in 1977.  I was raised Roman Catholic but decided to live my own life early in life and that caught up to me around the year 2000. At that time every aspect of my life was falling apart and I had nobody to turn to as I was living in a somewhat remote area of North Georgia. After years of struggle, as I started chasing after Our Heavenly Father with every part of me, my perseverance finally started to ‘bear fruit’. Life was still hard but knowing He was with me made it bearable.


It was then I gave my life to YHWH, (I called Him God at the time) and became very active in a small Pentecostal church (no we didn’t handle snakes). I have been growing spiritually ever since. That’s not to say that my life nor I have become perfect but I have found that His ways are much better than mine. I’ve come to appreciate the wisdom in His Word.

In early 2007 YHWH impressed upon me without a shadow of a doubt that He wanted me to become a ‘counselor’. After going to school for Psychology, I realized it had the reverse-effect of making me believe more in a Theophostic ministry instead. Around mid-2008 I started attending a church that introduced me into the Healing and the Prophetic. During that time I made some efforts into Sanctification ministry but focused more on ‘power’ evangelism. 

In 2014, YHWH reminded me that I had not been walking in what He had called me to do. While I had done good things in the church they were not God things – they were not what He had called me to do. I’m glad I know He rebukes those that He loves, as it states in Hebrews 12:6, so I had to repent and started giving my ministry more focused time.

In June 2017, I believe YHWH called me to go into full-time ministry. My 'calling' is still being defined but at this time it in large part includes Sanctification ministry.