Prayers - our communication channel to Yah/God. Formal prayer is best when it's a two-way conversation when we actually try to settle ourselves down to listen (Psalm 46:10) as well as talk which is increasingly harder in our modern day world for sure. Prayer can also be a lifestyle as we present ourselves to Yah/God in our daily actions (James 5:16). 

Many people don't realize the power of prayer - as many may think their prayers don't get answered right away so they must not be working. We just have to understand that many times Yah/God does want to answer our prayers but sometimes our priority is not His priority (Isaiah 55:8-9, 2 Peter 3:9). We have to have the faith to believe and trust that His timing and ways are the best. There are times when we are waiting on somebody else to do something unknowingly as we are all connected (which is why we need to bless others). There are other times when something may be required of us before He can move on our behalf. 

With all that being said I'm listing some prayers here that you may want to incorporate and make your own. Check back as I have some ideas on how to do some different prayers as well as time allows.


Bedtime prayer

Father, I ask that you hide me and my loved ones in Yeshua/Jesus, in the Secret Place, so that no unclean demons or soul fragments, whether internal or external, will be able to receive or transmit any data during this day (24 hour period) or while I sleep. I cut and burn all silver cords, ley lines, and any other transportation mediums the enemy would use and I route them to the feet of Yeshua/Jesus. I put a hedge of fiery thorns of protection around me, my loved ones, my home, and property.


I pray this on behalf of my spirit, soul, body, heart parts, and those under my authority and influence, across all timelines and dimensions. I pray the blood of Yeshua/Jesus over and cancel all dark frequencies, colors, crystals/stones, that are being used against me.

I forgive anybody that may have hurt or offended me (may want to name any particular offenses). I forgive myself for my sins (may want to name any sins in particular) and I ask for your forgiveness if I've offended you in any way (may want to name any sins in particular).


If I have committed any sin today due to a wrong heart attitude or action I repent and cover it in the blood of Yeshua. I ask you to put a new heart in me. If I've made any curses or vows today I cancel them and I break any curses or vows that have been directed at me, especially by those in authority over me - by the blood of Yeshua/Jesus. I  ask that you would turn them into blessings for me.

I cut all unhealthy and ungodly spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, financial, sexual, psychic, cosmic, and all other types of soul ties now in the name of Yeshua. I take my heart parts from all demons, witches/warlocks, lands, locations, prisons, ungodly organizations, traumatic events, objects, animals, timelines, and dimensions washed in the blood of Yeshua/Jesus and I return them back to me. I pray that you Yeshua/Jesus would make me whole. 

I especially take my heart parts from those that have them (OR a particular person's name of its a strong emotional connection - e.g. if you got into a fight with somebody, if somebody was mean to you or even treated you inappropriately), wash them in the blood of Yeshua and return them back to me and make me whole. Take the heart parts that are in me, washed in the blood of Yeshua, and I send them back to where they belong.


I ask for your angels to remove any weapons (e.g. arrows, swords, darts, etc.), devices, veils, strongholds, afflictions, or diseases that may have been sent to me by the enemy. And I pray your blessings over me.

I pray for your angels to watch over me and my spirit while my soul sleeps. I pray for a spiritual 'faraday' cage around me that the enemy cannot cross. I pray the blood of Yeshua over my dreams. I ask for more revelation from You Yeshua during the night and for understanding when I awake.

In the name of Yeshua/Jesus.

Morning prayers

I put on the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, and put the shoes on of the Gospel/Good News of peace - I put on the shield of faith, the helmet of Yeshua (which means salvation or deliverance), and the sword of the spirit for me, my heart parts, my spirit and my angels and I cover it all with the blood of Yeshua.


Note: Spiritual armor is real. Demons have them as well. If we don't put on the armor we are much more susceptible to attacks. 

I pray this twice a day just because of the environment I'm in. I believe that we can pray these things but if we are in the presence of evil it can wear down our armor or prayers. E.g. We can do house cleansing prayers but if we unclean people coming into the house often we may need to cleanse the house more often.

I cancel any covenants I may have made with the enemy while I was sleeping (knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly) in the blood of Yeshua.


Note: The enemy will try to make covenants, contracts, oaths, vows, and pledges with us even while we are sleeping. This may come in a dream as a handshake, a transfer of money, eating food that somebody has given you (it may not always be bad but I pray over it regardless). We may not even remember that we have done these in our dreams OR we may think we know the people in the dream so it's safe not realizing the demons are coming to us as familiar spirits (people that we know and feel safe with in our dreams).