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What To Expect

I wanted to take some Internet space to take time to help people understand how a Sanctification session may work. Some people may have heard of Deliverance horror stories and may have a bad view towards this ministry. It is my goal to overcome those negative views for those that have them and to demonstrate this ministry as an essential life-giving and balanced ministry. There are others still that have no background of this ministry so at the same time I’m would like to share with them what to expect.

Please keep in mind that this is just a brief example and that the main aspect of Sanctification, for me anyway, is to try to follow the leading of the Ruach haKodesh (i.e. Holy Spirit) as there are many ways Sanctification can be done. While it is the most preferable to meet with a person at times Sanctification ministry can also take place over the phone / Internet / video conferencing. I believe the Ruach haKodesh can work with whatever we give Him to work with but it is also true that the more we give Him the easier it is for Him to work with us (or maybe it is the easier it is for us for our Faith to work?). This ministry is such that people need to seek for the Sanctification minister. While I can tell of the ministry unless a person wants help there isn’t much I can do.


As would be expected, my ministry ‘style’ changes as I learn to be more sensitive to the Ruach haKodesh, from my experiences, and from other sanctification / deliverance ministers that graciously teach what they have learned (e.g. Bob Larson, Jay Bartlett, Liberation Freedom Ministry, etc.). So while the best method is to let the Ruach haKodesh lead there are ‘tools’ that are to be learned that we make available for Him to use.


Once we meet, we will open up with prayer and see how the Ruach leads. We may talk about what is on your heart, talk about your relationships, look for any ‘open doors’ that the enemy may have to gain access to your life, determine if you are getting spiritually ‘attacked’ in any particular manner, identify soul bonds / ties, etcetera. The Ruach may show me a particular area that we’ll need to focus on. In doing this we are looking for any ‘legal’ rights that the accuser has to gain ‘entrance’ into your life.  This will help in removing any offenders. But again, Sanctification sessions vary widely and there is no formula other than being sensitive to the Ruach.

At times the session may get emotional and that’s okay. The more open and honest a person is with themselves the better the process will flow. Sometimes people have to deal with hurts and memories that are painful. It is VERY helpful though to be honest especially with yourself. I will not push a person past a point where they are not willing to go. I try to be very respectful and honor the person and just as I have freewill so does everybody else. However, I will say that many times a lack of forgiveness, hatred, anger, and pride / denial can block a person from getting healed. We will basically looking for areas in which repentance (a change of belief, attitudes, and actions) is needed as well as breaking any curses.

Proverbs 28:13 (AENT) He who hides his transgressions does not prosper, But he who confesses and forsakes them finds compassion.


John 4:24 (AENT) For Elohim is Spirit, and those who worship, they must worship Him in spirit and in truth.


Heb 11:6 (AENT) But without belief it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to Elohim has to believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him.


1 John 1:9 (AENT) But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all our iniquity.


James 5:16 (AENT) And confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that you may be healed; for great is the power of the prayer which a righteous man prays.


Jas 4:6 (AENT) But our Master (Y'shua) has given us more grace. Therefore he said: Master YHWH brings low the arrogant, and gives grace to the humble. 7 Subject yourselves therefore to Elohim; and stand firm against the Accuser and he will flee from you.

Everybody has soul-fragments as that's just a part of life. It's very normal for people to have several or even many. If you are unfamiliar with these and/or related concepts you can find more info on the WWY YouTube channel here

One goal of Sanctification/Deliverance ministry is to get a person whole - to have their soul restored. A large part of that is dealing with soul fragments. When people have soul fragments within them, doors to the enemy/demons are opened allowing them to oppress a person. These soul fragments are parts of people that need healing so they can be sent to Yeshua/Jesus as well, preferably. Once the soul fragments are gone, the 'legal rights' for any demon that were using those soul fragments have been removed. This will make it much easier to cast out the demons. This can happen many times in a session or series of sessions. 

At the end we will recap everything that has been accomplished and end with a prayer.

Please contact me if you’d like to go through the Deliverance Process. I will reply back with more information about the process. I look forward to hearing from you and to bless you.

Brother Noe


2 Corinthians 5:18 (AENT) And all things are made new, by Elohim who has reconciled us to himself by the Mashiyach, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation.


3 John 1:4 (AENT) And I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth.

Also, I believe that Sanctification ministry time is not a time for theological evangelism. I minister to believers from various denominations. As long as we agree on that major doctrines that is good enough for the purpose of Sanctification. That being said, this is a ministry only for people that believe in Yahweh / Yeshua  / Ruach haKodesh and the Bible.

Basically once a person has told me that they would like to be ministered to I’ll ask that we unite in prayer and that during the time prior to the session that they seek YHWH to find out what He wants to work on in their life. I have to let everybody know that the adversary, hasatan, will try to put stumbling blocks in way as he will not want us to meet. While a person may have an idea of what they believe should be dealt with, YHWH may answer that He wants to work on something else first. If time allows, I’ll also send the person being ministered to a questionnaire and some other info (i.e. preparation notes, prayers, and a disclaimer). This will be needed to expedite the process. Also, it is preferable to have at least two ministers at a minimum (a female minister as well if I’m ministering to a woman in person) along with the client.

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