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Do you or members in your church or bible study have questions about Sanctification ministry?

Are you still unsure if this is for you or your church/bible study?

We find that the biggest hindrance in getting disciples set free is many people do not believe in Sanctification/deliverance ministry.  We understand that people have questions and skepticism at times but we would like the opportunity to answer your questions. We would like to show you how real Sanctification ministry is and is needed - by using the bible and our experience.

We are offering to visit to your church or bible study and to give an initial teaching regarding Sanctification ministry. We want to remove as many barriers as possible to get freedom to those that need it.

If you would be interested in WWY coming to your location please use the Contact form to see if we can schedule a time for us to come and visit you!

Note: If locations are outside of the Atlanta area a teleconferencing solution may be necessary.

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