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Teachings - 2019 & Prior

Preparing for Deliverance


I wanted to share a teaching I did for Liberation Freedom Ministry (#LFM) as I'm blessed to be part of that deliverance/sanctification team as well. I've wanted to do this teaching for awhile so I wanted to share it with you. Many times our clients are new to deliverance don't know what to expect or how can they help to make the session 'flow'. So I hope to address those questions and more in this teaching. I really pray that you enjoy it and are blessed by it.

Faith or Fear?: You Choose


Faith or Fear? Yes 2 Timothy 1:7 sums it up nicely but there is more to it (as you would expect from the Bible). In this teaching, Noe from Walk with Yah (WWY) delves into how You can overcome your fears by faith. Is it just as easy and saying it and believing it? No. As many times there are actions/steps we need to do. But no worries as I can help guide the way to Your freedom! As I want to see you succeed to do whatever you were called to do in His Kingdom.


Since I do Sanctification/Deliverance ministry, I also include examples from a spiritual aspect because often times the enemy is also trying to oppress us in the spirit world. The decision you make can point your life in a direction that Yah/God wants for you but the enemy, satan, will try to thwart you from becoming what you were intended to be. 

Contemplating Soul Fragments - Part 2


Walk with Yah continued this teaching on Channel 24 regarding Soul Fragments. Quite frankly, this topic is so huge I could go on for days as Yah/God is pouring out more revelation as time goes on. But I need to share how do people know if they have a soul fragment, examples are shared, why we need to be talking about these supernatural/spiritual events, physical healing from soul fragments, hinderances to healing, along with a soul-tie breaking prayer and more . . .

I'll quit typing so you can watch this next action packed teaching. Enjoy.

Contemplating Soul Fragments - Part 1


Back in June 2018 I was given the opportunity to teach on Ch. 24 on a segment called 'Tap into the Source' by Ms. Joyce Ortiz. Joyce gave me the freedom to speak on whatever I wanted to teach on. Well needless to say I didn't scare her away as she allowed me to teach again in December 2019. This time I decided to teach on a sanctification fundamental - soul fragments. Just keep in mind fundamental doesn't necessarily mean simple.


I'll be doing the second half of this segment in early March 2019. So I hope you enjoy this and that you come back to see how this story . . . teaching ends. 

My Thoughts on 'How-to-be-Unclean' . . . Uhm, I mean Halloween.


I've actually been trying to get back to my Ephesians 6 teaching but the other day I woke up and felt the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit ask me if I'd like to do a video on Halloween. Well when He puts it that way who am I to say No? Lol. Soo this is what I came up with. I'm kinda of all over the place as I tried to connect a few different dots and do it in a way nobody else ever has. I hope you like it.

Can a disciple have a demon?


As I stated in my blog I was blessed to have an opportunity to teach on Ch. 24 out of Cartersville, GA on a program called 'Tap into the Source' hosted by Ms. Joyce. This is a introductory teaching for those that question that validity of Sanctification/deliverance ministry. In my experience I find that the biggest hindrance to people getting set from from oppression is that many people do not believe they can have demons or other spiritual baggage.

Spiritual Warfare and Ephesians 6 - Part 2


Here is the second installment of this video series about Spiritual Warfare and Ephesians 6. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Spiritual Warfare and Ephesians 6 - Part 1


This is the first video in a series created to help people understand and grow in spiritual warfare. It is based primarily on verses in Ephesians 6.  

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