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I bless you with the spirit of Elijah

This morning I'm reading in the area of 1 Kings chapters 16 & 17. Let me give you a quick summary:

- Spiritual and political and unrest (since 1 Kings 11 at a minimum)

- Elijah comes on the scene seemingly out of nowhere

- Elijah prophecies and declares a drought to the ruling authority (1 Kings 17:1) - I believe by Yah's / God's direction

- Elijah's faith is tested & grows (1 Kings 17:4-6)

- Elijah is personally affected by the drought and has to move as directed by Yah / God (1 Kings 17:7-9)

- Elijah is sent to a Gentile woman (Luke 4:25-27) who knows of Yah / God but not personally (1 Kings 17:12 "your Elohim")\

- Elijah prays for this woman's son (even though she did not have a personal relationship with Yah) and she experiences Yah / God in a new way (1 Kings 17:18-22)

- Yah / God is glorified (1 Kings 17:24)

- Elijah continues on through more battles, victories, personal challenges, etc. This is his life until he passes on his mantle as a mentor to Elisha (2 Kings 2)

Does anybody perhaps see a correlation with these verses and what is going on the in the world today? While many are drawing closer to Yah / God for strength there are still many that are twisting truths to try to work them to their own advantage and purpose. No worries though as Yah / God laughs at these ones.

Psa 2:2 The sovereigns of the earth take their stand, And the rulers take counsel together, Against יהוה and against His Messiah . . .

This is the time to draw closer to Him so that we may show a world that doesn't know Him that He can do the impossible through us. I believe this is a time of preparation where Yah is setting the stage for us to step out - to even do the supernatural. Our relationship to Him and our faith must be built up first.

On that note, I find when praying over others and using your spiritual (supernatural) gifts it is best to try to listen and see how the Ruach haKodesh / Holy Spirit may guide you first (John 5:19-20, 24-25). Sometimes you may get nothing so just proceed the best you know how. I believe He will sometimes allow miracles to happen even without doing this but based on my personal experience it is better to follow His leading first.

When it happens though feel free to share your testimony with WWY so I can share it with others - so their faith may be built up as well (Rev 12:11).

Est 4:14 “For if you keep entirely silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise for the Yehuḏim from another place, while you and your father’s house perish. And who knows whether you have come to the reign for such a time as this?”

I pray for the Spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17) to be upon us so that we may glorify Him (John 11:4).

Know that you can be blessed to be a blessing,


-Deliverance minister & Biblical advocate

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