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Jesus just left Atlanta . . .

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

So around 2 weeks ago Jesus left Atlanta . . . and went to Los Angeles. Hmm. Did that come out right? Let me put that another way and try to explain that again. In addition to WWY, I also do deliverance ministry with the Liberation Freedom Ministry (LFM) team out of Atlanta. They are a powerful team of deliverance ministry. It's not a problem that I consider myself a Nazarene, Hebrew Roots, Messianic, etc. and that our beliefs differ is some areas. I believe deliverance sessions isn't a really good time to be having theological debates. We all agree on the majors so that works fine (Romans 14:1, 10-12 or you can just read the whole section too).

But getting back to the topic at hand I was honored to join the LFM team as they went to Los Angeles. And WOW! Yeshua was operating thru us on a new level of anointing. There were so many stories and we ministered for some long days it's much of a blur at this point. But when Yeshua us moving that much it's a good exhausting ya know? So I'm not complaining I'm just saying.

So we created a bulletin at LFM to tell about some of the stories, generically, of what Yeshua did and how He healed those that came. Some stories & testimonies may posted there and others will be posted here. And of course many stories we don't even share as there are just too many and out of respect of course.

Ooh and I should say that while Yeshua did leave Atlanta and went to Los Angeles He was also in both places at the same time to begin with (Jer 23:23-24, Mat 18:20, Act 17:24, Col 1:7, etc.) Gotcha! Okay well maybe I didn't but for those that didn't know Yeshua is Omnipresent - Gotcha!

I know I'm building suspense before I'm giving the link . . . . . . and again - even more suspense there. Can you feel it?

So here goes:

Also for those that didn't get the pop-culture reference in the subject title listen to this and then maybe you'll get it. Yes I understand the song isn't biblically accurate but it's still good music. I definitely listen to me some ApologetiX when I can.

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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