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MIL blesses 100s . . . and with Deliverance

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Maximum Impact Love drew 100s yesterday in downtown Atlanta yesterday as they do what they do - they offer the hope and love of Jesus/Yeshua . . . along with free food, book bags, music, gifts, prayers, healings, and even, yep you guessed it . . . deliverance. These people are really good at what they do as they have been doing it for years. I've had the opportunity to work with them and its very exciting to see how Yah moves during these events.

From my end I just wanted to fill you in on two of the people I ministered to at the event. The first was Brian. Brian is a man devoted to Jesus and you could tell. He had a great heart but he also knew he had some challenges that still faced him and that he was battling with. It took around 30 minutes after confessing and repenting on behalf of all that we knew to do . . . when all of a sudden Brian heard a voice coming up from the inside. It turns out Brian had a 7 year old DID/heart part in his conscious that was holding onto the pain and trauma that Brian had experienced when he was younger. So because that heart part was still there the demons had a legal right to stay as well. Once we ministered to the 7 year old heart part the demons had to go after that. Brian immediately felt a difference and needless to say he was quite ecstatic.

I also got the honor to minster to Kim as she and her husband came for deliverance. As I was explaining how deliverance ministry works I asked if she hears voices in her thoughts (which is very common btw) and she said she did. She even recognized that these thoughts were from a 20 year old version of herself. Well obviously that made my job much easier. We were able to pull up the 20-year old Kim and have Jesus heal the depression and anxiety that had been plaguing her. This of course made it much easier to dislodge and remove the demons from her. Of course there may be more that needs to be dealt with but at that time Kim felt an immediate release.

I know her husband got deliverance as well although I was so focused ministering to Kim I didn't get to hear those details . . . except I think I heard he was being led by another minister to pray over somebody's leg as it grew out. Lol. I'm serious. All joking aside - with Yeshua all things are possible. Some people may think that this kind of stuff only happens once in a very long time but I'm here to tell you these miracles and wonders are common when you are walking in His righteousness and glory. Amen!

Yeshua has done the work indeed but we still have to fight for it. The blessings many times just don't come to us as we have a part to do as well. I've heard it put this way 'Yah will do what you can't but He won't do what He expects you to do'. I pray this helps raise your faith in some way. Shalom!

Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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