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Passed over? Not if we can help it

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Pesach/Passover was a treat as always. Good friends, good food, great Grace, and a moedim where Yah meets with His people! Hoorah! HooYah!?! Ok so maybe I'm not the wordsmith I keep striving to be. This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to teach on 'Deception' and then minister along with the Liberation Freedom Ministry team.

I met with a lady but in the short time that we had we hadn't made any progress. Ok. That happens at times. Usually after the service there are many people there to minister to so in this case I advised her to go see another minister there (of her choosing). I wanted her to 'connect' and get what she came there for. It doesn't always go the way we want for various reasons. I trust His process believing we have to persevere to overcome our own understanding, timetables, interpretations, etcetera.

I moved to another lady I'd seen in the past couple of weeks but hadn't had a chance to introduce myself. We start talking and she starts opening up to me. She tells me she was very active in her church years ago organizing prayer walks and such but since then the activity has died down as there have been many 'attacks' against her and her husband since then. However, this woman refused to get Passed Over as she knew the Word works if she worked it. She came seeking her deliverance as she has still been praising Him in spite of her circumstances.

As we talk further she tells me about this witch that came against her many years ago. Oh really? You don't say? Soon thereafter we were able to pull up a witch within her named Sandra. Sandra's first words were 'How did you know I was here?'. Long story short Sandra the witch was jealous of this godly woman - of the respect she got, of how God used her, etc. Sandra the witch said '<this woman whom I'm inhabiting> doesn't let me speak. I can't get her to stop praising God'. Thankfully Sandra repented and give her life to Yeshua. In that process Sandra told me the curses she put in this godly woman and her husband. From there we were able to cast out the demons as their legal rights were getting stripped away from them. They still put up a fight which still took around 20 minutes due to some other factors. The bottom line however was this godly woman has overcome the enemy by the blood of Yeshua and the power of her testimony (Revelation 12:11) in spite of her circumstances at the time. Praise Him!

Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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