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Sit with Yah (SwYah)-001/ Truth can be stranger than fiction

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

So I want to start sharing some of what I encounter during some deliverance sessions. The purpose being people to help understand and (mainly) believe what happens during some of these sessions - as as you could have guessed I'll put in some teaching points were I can as I want as many people as possible to get to their full potential for His Kingdom. You've heard it said that 'fact is stranger than fiction' and I'm here to tell you that sums it up. To be honest if you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be experiencing some of the things I'm experiencing I would have told you to lay off the mushroom pizza. Sure I've been in the healing and prophetic circles for much longer than that but I believe those were just to prepare me for what Yah is doing now.

I aim to be as biblically accurate as possible, of course, but at the same time the spiritual world is so vast that the Bible only gives hints at how things operate in those realms - as there is no way the Bible can explain spiritual concepts entirely (John 3:11-12) which is why we have the Ruach haKodesh (John 16:13). I've also discovered (and maybe you already know this) as that there are soo many spiritual warfare tools in the bible if we know to look for them. I guess that's sometimes the battle - we only see what we are looking for many times OR we get stuck in our beliefs OR we put Yah in a box and don't let Him out because some of us get nervous if He does things that don't fit our understanding or expectations. And believe me He will do this and you'll end up more questions than answers sometimes. Isn't that cool? Lol. I need an Elohim that is bigger than what I can understand to be honest. So I'm good with that. It helps me to stay youthful (or think I am) when I learn more. Child-like, Noe . . . not childish.

I believe I'm going to call this endeavor 'Sit with Yah' (SwYah) as we ponder on some of the things He is doing through Yeshua. If you think of a better snazzier title please let me know.

I will keep the details somewhat generic and change the names as I don't want to offend anybody - unless I get permission to share more explicitly from my clients. Some of my clients would rather keep what to themselves and I understand that; Others don't really care if the info is shared and they want other people to know about the deliverance ministry. In either case I want to be respectful of all my clients.

So are you tired of reading yet? I hope not because I'm not tired of writing yet.

Story time with Yah

So during this past week I had a client who I've been ministering to for a few months now. He was born Hindu and has Parkinson's disease. We've been making progress but it's been quite a struggle but thankfully he and his daughter have been very perseverant. Last week the Ruach haKodesh impressed upon me some hands on the piano. I've learned that many times not to dismiss these 'imaginations'. Not that I'm always right but He will definitely use that as a way to say 'look here in this direction'. As is common, the daughter took this and ran with it as she does deliverance with him throughout the week. She herself has progressed amazingly in learning about deliverance in just one year. She can usually easily tell which demon it is that comes up very quickly with minimal manifestation. In this case she was able to deal with 'Piano hands' as she called him. It turns out it was a 21 year old (D.I.D) heart part that was in his conscious that grew along with the host person. More often the heart part will remain at the same age they came into existence (e.g. via trauma). We ended up sending this heart part to Yeshua but I thought this was worthy of sharing.

I also had another interesting occurrence with another much younger client. We were able to pull up some demons but these ones specially insisted they were fallen angels and not demons. People have believed in different types of god (small g) and other types of entities (e.g. Thor, Ra, Isis, various animals, etc.) because that is how the demons want to be known as. All of those gods weren't the ideas coming from humans but how the demons wanted to twist the truth and impregnated those ideas into people's minds. The particular fallen angels said they were of the Nephilim . . . many of you know the story. I'm not chiming in on the debate other than to say there are some weird things that happen in the spirit realm that we are not used to. I'm not arguing for Genesis 6 one way or the other but I will say I am a little more open these days.

But that wasn't really the oddity. What was more interesting were some entities stating they were Reptilians and travelled the cosmos. I know I've lost many of you right there, lol. I believe I'm a fairly well-grounded person but I do believe in miracles and the supernatural. I've learned that the more I learn the more I find out I don't know. I know many people will say not to talk to demons but Yeshua did (Mark 5). Sure they lie and they have to be tested and can't be trusted but even satan tells the truth at times. He just mixes it up because if he lied all the time who would believe him? I know there are other deliverance ministers that say they run into Draconians, Pleiadians, and Reptilians often. All I can say is what come up seemed to fit the categorizations I've come across based on what little encounter there was. I only try to get enough information to help get rid of the demon. Anything else can be dangerous.

Oh and that's another point. One of the insisting fallen angels (I know . . . they are still demons. If I call myself an airplane I'm still a person and changing my name/title doesn't change that fact) said they were mad at satan because satan lied to them. Well Duh (hindsight bing 20/20 that is even for them). I've heard demons state this before but it's too late for them. They've made their choice and they are stuck with that choice. Some choices we only get to make once. Once we die we are locked into our choice. No do-overs, no mulligans, no second chances. That's my belief anyway. I understand that in saying they are mad at satan it could very well be the truth but I also know that they are locked in - there is no changing sides at this point for them. I told one demon who said this "You're there and I'm here and this is what we have to work with". It reminded me of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, lol, as many times the demons will tell you plainly "I'm just doing my job".

Well I hoped you enjoyed this installment. If this weirds you out I suggest you not read my posts, or watch my videos, or maybe even visit this website, lol. I know that we are all at different places in our walk with Him. If you don't believe me then maybe you can believe in the things I do (John 10:37-38). My goal is to get people close to Yeshua. This isn't the Noe Gonzales show as I sometimes put it (John 12:32). Also know that if it is of Yah, may His will be done, and this type of ministry will proceed regardless (Acts 5:38-39).

If you send me something that is not constructive and respectful I probably won't respond. I only say this because there are too many people that I need to focus on that actually want help. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I just want you to understand where I'm coming from. Like everybody else my time is precious and I need to make sure I focus on the right things (not that I'm not open to learning and constructive criticism) and I know everybody is not going to understand the things of the Kingdom as much as I want them to. Maybe one of my future blogs/vlogs/teachings will help answer your questions as I know, even for myself, there are still many questions.


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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