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Back in Boston, Forward in Awesome!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

First off, my apologies for not writing sooner. My intent is to post blogs often to share what Yeshua is doing - but sometimes life is happening faster than I can document. However, that's been a good thing. I hope to be putting up some more byte-sized video blogs up soon that'll help me to explain more in less time. But let keep this moving shall we?

I just got back from ministering in Boston, MA. Wow! So much to share as Yeshua was moving so much there is really no way I can remember it all but I’ll try to at least get the highlights.

Early in the trip we visited the father of the lady that was hosting us. I believe he fell down at some point and had been in the hospital since then. He actually had not been speaking although you may get one word out of him or a grunt for around a year - or from the beginning of the year. But either way for quite awhile. Anyway, Pastor Donnie and I start praying over him for a bit and then we leave. Well a day or two later we get feedback that this man was now having conversations. Praise Yeshua! Needless to say we were awed by testimony. Sure we see miracles but they never get old. 

We had a gentleman that actually came up from FL to meet with us (as I was with Sr. Pastor Donnie with Liberation Freedom Ministry). I’ll call him Luke. Luke was in a situation where his ex-wife wanted him back and was putting Haitian voodoo on Luke to make him want her back. They would actually put a smell on Mark that would drive others away from Luke trying to destroy his relationships.

It was quite the battle in real-time as we would pray against their voodoo and they would try to combat what we were praying against. Luke could see partially what was going on and at one point he could feel his arm on fire (this happened with another lady we dealt with that was dealing with Haitian voodoo as well). At one point a vision let us know that a coven on voodoo priests/priestesses were in confusion because of the spiritual warfare we were doing. While there was more work to be done Mark definitely felt a little freer. More on this below but that’s how it started. 

There was a lady that we ministered to that was molested when she was younger. As she got older she tried to molest her brother but he didn’t allow it. It wasn’t until that point that she realized it was wrong. As she grew up she got married and had some problems there as well. One thing that she said that struck me was that Yeshua told her ‘she would not have the relationship with Yeshua if it were not for the problems she were having’. Interesting. 

Gen 50:20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good . . .

I got a chance to minister to Luke again later. During the spiritual warfare he would see black stuff coming out of his mouth in the spirit. He could feel something hard in his heart and stomach as I saw big rocks in his stomach. The next day, after he had a chance to process and gauge the results, he said like he felt he was ‘flying’. 

There was one young lady that I was talking to but to be honest I didn’t feel like I really ministered to her because the Holy Spirit did all the work. While I was talking to her all of a sudden she just starts crying intensely for around 5 minutes. Afterwards she felt much better. She was prone to crying but not like this. We talked a little bit about it later and she was just kinda of amazed at what happened, how it happened, and the results of how the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit touched her. I was just happy to be there, lol. 

While there was much more I do recall there was another lady that I ministered to briefly. She had demons of Fear and Rejection due to some things that happened in her childhood. She was very demure herself. The demons said they were trying to keep her shut down as she had a message to give and they knew she could teach others and they didn’t want her doing that. So we were able to get rid of those demons and I believe Sr. Pastor Donnie ministered to her later as well. 

It was a great trip overall and we look forward to going back whenever they will have us - as long as its not in the winter.


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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