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Conditional vs Eternal (OSAS) security: What does the Bible say?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I was privileged to be on a BlogTalk Radio broadcast called 'Significant Revelation' by a good friend of mine. On this particular show, I was having a friendly discussion/debate regarding the Conditional vs. Eternal security debate, a.k.a Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS).

In case anybody is unaware, this debate of Conditional vs Eternal security has been going on for centuries. It's boils down to if a person gets 'saved' and then later rejects Yah/God, does Yah/God reject them and they lose their salvation? Or did they never really 'earn' it in the first place? which hints at a Calvanastic/TULIP form of interpretation which includes pre-determination.

In other words, it removes free will from the equation and says Yah/God has already chosen who will be saved. This has many ramifications (e.g. no need to evangelize if it's already pre-determined). Of course, Calvinism has 'evolved' so to speak and in efforts to modernize with the times although I haven't focused on that as much here or elsewhere.

I'm on the side of Conditional Security - in other words, I believe a person can get truly 'saved' and then lose their salvation and go to Hell later on should they reject Yeshua / Jesus. Just like a person who gets married and believes they will be with their spouse the rest of their life in their heart, that person later on can choose themselves to depart & divorce their spouse.

I also wanted to say I didn't want this to come off as right vs wrong as I believed it was two people that were seeking the Truth. I believe that many people don't know how to argue as they often take disagreements as a personal attack. Many times we can have different viewpoints based on our experiences, learnings, environment.

But we have to remember those variables (along with emotion) may not necessarily be Truth as much as we 'feel' right. I was prepared to be shown I was wrong and I'm okay with that as long as it brings me to knowing Yeshua better.

I will say quickly for those that want to get to the punch line. The gentleman that was on the side of Eternal Security kept stating that those that eventually rejected Yeshua was because they didn't understand what it was that they were getting into when they initially accepted salvation.

It took me a bit to figure that out - even though he said it upfront it didn't hit me until later. I was thinking maybe if I gave some verses he would see my side but he kept agreeing with me. So at the end I had to say (paraphrasing) 'This may be a rhetorical question but who doesn't know what they are signing up for. That's where faith comes in. I've been doing this for a couple of decades and I still don't know what I've signed up for' (as we don't know the challenges that are head of us as we mature in our spiritual walk/growth).

The actual CSvsES debate starts at 42 minutes and 32 seconds (42:32).

So trying to prepare for this broadcast I put together many verses and comments trying to be like a Berean (Acts 17:11) and show myself approved.

2Ti 2:15  Do your utmost to present yourself approved to Elohim, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth.

But keep in mind I'm no scholar (which actually may be a positive at times) but rather I'm a Bible enthusiast/advocate. I'm open to anybody showing me why they may feel I'm in error or giving me another meaning for particular verses. After all, we all have our own biases/filters. I also left out some verses that I believe could be argued either way and at the time seem ambiguous to me.

So for those that went to benefit from my studies please see below. I'm just sharing what I believe is a constant theme throughout Scripture.

Please keep in mind I didn't have much time for formatting or to write a book. If you feel I've made an error (even in my theology/interpretation) please feel free to email me at although I can't say I'll respond to every email or even any emails as this ministry focuses more on spiritual warfare and deliverance at this time.



WWY - Eternal vs Conditional Security
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