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But I love Yeshua/Jesus . . .

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Hey Y'allins (yes I can say that because I live in the South. Well I wasn't born in the South but as I once read on a bumper sticker "I wasn't born in the South but I got here as soon as I could").

So I took part in deliverance session yesterday and this woman was having problems with the concept of deliverance. I've heard many people with this line of reasoning so I wanted to take some time to address this. I'm not meaning to demean or criticize this woman or any other person with this perception. I understand it's a tactic of the enemy (2 Cor 4:4. 2 Cor 10:4-5) but at the same time we do have a part to play in believing these strongholds.

So basically here is the storyline - this person had been praying to Yeshua/Jesus for healing, she stated she could hear from God (which I don't doubt), and she stated during the deliverance she wasn't feeling lead (although she admitted at times she has been wrong in her hearing - which I was thankful for her honest self-examination). She was asking 'Can't Yah/God just heal me?' - meaning without any ministry intervention is how I took that. She loved Yeshua/Jesus. Again I have no doubt that she did.

For those that believe in deliverance even, this seems like a valid question. They many times compare the deliverance minster to Yeshua/Jesus as the Bible says He just cast them out. That's true but I myself believe there are many variables there that may not be considered: 1) I'm not Yeshua/Jesus. I definitely don't walk in the power & authority & righteousness He walked in although that is my goal; 2) Many times the Bible doesn't give us all of the details. In Mark 5:8-9 the Bible shows that the demon did not come out of the man when Yeshua told him to come out. This reminds me of Mark 8:23-24 where Yeshua had to pray twice for the blind man to see. Yeshua often lead by example. Basically I believe He was showing us sometimes it's not going to work the first time and that we need to persevere. He could have healed them the first time I'm sure but I believe He did that purposefully for us to learn to persevere in faith.

And that was another issue that cropped up - Faith. This woman (but again not just her as we have all had periods of a lack of faith) had verbally stated she wasn't sure if this was going to work. So basically she cursed herself by her own words (Proverbs 6:2). Again, I'm not meaning to be harsh towards this woman but it's a lesson for us all as sometimes I'm loose with words myself (Mat 12:36).

We were able to pull up the demon of Doubt/Unbelief. This particular demon stated that she wanted him there. Yes I understand demons lie but sometimes they do tell the truth (especially when we had him tell this to Yeshua instead of us, lol. Although he was still rebellious but that's another blog).

She was having these doubts about needing ministers to minister deliverance to her. We had to explain that we minister to many disciples who indeed love Yeshua/Jesus and that unfortunately, at this time, this is what is normal but I believe a time is coming when Yeshua/Jesus will be delivering people in greater magnitude (just as the way deliverance is done now is quite different than how it was done 30 years ago).

At some point she decided to put her feelings aside because we walk by faith not by feelings (2 Cor 5:7). Don't get me wrong feelings are needed as they are like an early warning system when things are wrong sometimes, however, we are not be subservient to our feelings. By the time we had finished she allowed the Ruach to do some inner-healing. We were able to get around 14 witches out of her conscious and a few demons that we are aware of that we will have to work on figuring out what their legal right is. There will be much more work that needs to be done but this was a start. I praise the Ruach that she was able to see that deliverance was indeed needed.

Sometimes we want healing the way we want it. We know that Yah wants to heal us but sometimes we get hung up on the method. In 2 Kings 5:10-14, Elisha told Naaman to go to the Jordan river and wash himself seven times at which time Naaman was offended because it wasn't a great river. He eventually gave in surprisingly enough (sarcasm) he got healed. Sometimes when I'm out and about I'll see somebody that has some type of physical affliction. Often times I'll go and pray for them. I've learned that I have to listen to the Ruach haKodesh to see if He wants to heal in a particular way. I don't always have time to do this but I'm trying to get better at it. In any case sometimes the Ruach will tell me to have them or me do something in particular: continuously tap the knee you are praying for as you pray, have them take off their hat, etcetera. Yah has this thing about wanting us to be obedient (you guessed it - more sarcasm, lol). I don't always understand I just do it. I don't need to understand - I just need to be faithful.

Many times it can be a lengthly process to get the demons out. In this case this woman had been doing New Age (I'm using that term very generically) practices since she was 7 years old and was now 40+ and had only desired to be a disciple in the past year(s). I know it's very dis-heartening when people hear that the demons just can't be removed quickly. Deliverance ministry can get very deep at times and it almost seems like we could spend a lifetime on just one person getting all of their soul-ties, generational curses, etc. out. Consider that even the soul fragments that are in the conscious can become soul fragments of others in their conscious as well. I've had to minister to the soul fragments of soul fragments before (it's not actually too uncommon). Think of the movie 'Inception'. So there was much here that gave the demons legal rights to stay.

I also believe that sometimes after a deliverance it takes time for a person to adjust to their new selves and process what happened (that's not always the case). In Exodus 23:29-30 Yah says he'll drive out the enemy slowly lest the beasts become too numerous. I understand we all want to be healed immediately but I believe sometimes there are ramifications we are unaware of.

I believe He is trying to train us up to become spiritual warriors no matter what our calling is. Of course some may be more on the front lines than others but we all should want to attain the place where we master sin and demons than the other way around as Yah told Cain in Genesis 4:7.

So I do feel bad for these people that have this understanding BUT there is hope. It's not that Yeshua doesn't love us. He most certainly does. This isn't a question about IF He loves us it's about HOW He wants to love us. Sometimes the answer isn't praying more or harder or doing more stuff (although that may not hurt either) but the answer could be more pointed/specific prayers. A deliverance minister can only do so much. There are some things we can't do for our clients.

As you may have heard it said 'If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail'. This basically means that sometimes people will have an over allowance on a familiar method or tool (Yes I understand this phrase is Abraham Maslow but there is still wisdom in this conception called the Law of the Instrument). I myself sometimes get stuck on what has worked for me in the past or 'methods' but we are called to a relationship with Yeshua not to rely on logic or methods.

I've heard it put this way: Yah will do the things we cannot do for ourselves but He will not do what He has called us to do.

So I close with this. Sometimes we are looking to healed in a particular way. Actually this may not even apply to healing it could apply to some path He wants to put us on but we want to go on another path and do it our own way. I've been guilty of that and I still may be in other areas of my life but I'm honestly examine myself to see if I'm in the faith (2 Pet 13:5) and if I'm on the right path.

I have no doubt this woman and many others sincerely love Yeshua/Jesus. It's just that we may have to lead by the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14) and not our own feelings, history, past experiences, or knowledge (Pro 3:5-6) and then also question the spirit we are being led by (1 John 4:1-6, 1 Thes 5:21). For some people that can be hard to do as they are used to their soul leading their spirit instead of vice versa. How do I know this? Because I was the same way and am still trying to get my soul to be lead by my spirit - daily.

If we really love Yeshua/Jesus, in addition to stating that verbally, we need to let Him lead and be obedient (Exo 20:6, Joh 14:15, Joh 14:21-23, 1 Joh 5:2-3, 2 Joh 1:6) and have faith in Him (Heb 11:1,6; 1 Cor 2:5; 2 Cor 5:7; James 1:5-8, etc.)

I pray this helps.


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


Update: I didn't realize this message was in sync with the original Two Listeners / God Calling 'midrash' for today. Many times this website reads me more than I read it.

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