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Deliverance? Try aisle 7

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Ok it's been longer than I wanted since I last posted. But things are moving! I know you're not seeing the fruit yet but changes are coming. I mean good changes. In the meantime it's been very productive and many people are getting healed and delivered in the meantime.

So to fill your appetite you'll enjoy this morsel . . . I was minding my own business. Okay that's not entirely true because if I have time and I see people that look like they need prayer well then - yep you guessed it - I'll asked them if they want prayer. And some people actually let me pray over them. I know . . . amazing.

So I see this lady buggying on along so I ask here, politely, why is she in a buggy? as I'd like to pray for her. She tells me she's a minster, she has a problem with her leg, and that she is trying to shop to make a meal under $10 as part of a contest with some other ladies in her ministry group. Neato!

So as I'm listening I'm trying to sense if the Ruach haKodesh / Holy Spirit is throwing anything down that I need to pick up. Annnnd well I believe I'm picking up on witchcraft so I tell the lady. She agrees and then agrees to let me pray over her (after I told her my background briefly).

So there we are with people shopping all around us (so I'm glad I didn't have the worship band following me that day). I have the minister say some prayer renunciations and then I tell the witch to get out and any associated demons. She tells me she felt fire around her neck and come out of her ears. Praise Yeshua! Then I left to go get some waffles.

I saw the young lady around 15 minutes later (still in her buggy) and she said she felt God all over her.

I had another grocery store testimony just a few days later - that one I actually remembered to get a testimonial from.

You just never know when the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit is going to show up. You might should look over your sholder just in case. ;-)


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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