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Drive-by Deliverance

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

So I just finished doing a deliverance session in the Panama City FL area. I noticed that my cell phone was on single-digit % of power. No biggie right? With older smartphones I know to carry my USB cable and charge my phone in the car and go. I mean after all it was very dark out and I didn't know how to get back to my place of lodging for the night which was around 45 minutes away.

So I get on the main streets for awhile that I know to . . . and well . . . hmm, my smartphone doesn't appear to be charging. Ok well it worked just a day ago. So I'm driving in unknown territories with no GPS and it's dark. Outside of Panama City there's not much open at this time of night. I tried parking my car for a bit and turned off the phone thinking it may charge faster that way. After around 5-10 minutes there was no difference. Ugh. Seriously?

So I don't celebrate Christmas myself but others do - and I see their inflatables with lights in front of houses every now and then. You'd be proud of me. I thought about sneaking up to a house and unplugging Santa and his reindeer to charge up my phone. Would the children and maybe the elves take me down? I wasn't sure if I wanted to take that chance. But in the end I didn't do it (as I didn't want to get shot either).

Then another idea crept in. Maybe I could see if there was an outside outlet on some church I passed by. I really didn't want to spend the night in jail with who knows what potential criminals for the offense of stealing electricity . . . from a church. I don't think that would rank high on the code of honor even in the joint . . . the clink . . . the slammer. You know what I'm trying to say. This was not looking good.

I was tired of driving and seeing nothing. Oh and yes I was trying to cast the demons out of my phone and such. Lol. So I decided to take the high road . . . or go north actually. After several verses of singing 'Trading My Sorrows', I eventually found a gas station.

I asked if I can use some electricity and the nice lady at the register allows me to. I think I'll call her Ruth (obviously not her name). So while I'm waiting sitting there doing nothing I figure I may as well do something.

So I ask her if she needs any prayer. She says 'everybody needs prayer'. I asked if she believes in Yeshua/Jesus and she's like 'Meh'. Not her actual wording but that's the kind of feel I got. So I explain to her what I do and I'm not really sure if that's helping my cause. But after a few minutes I can see her giving it some thought.

I believe for some people to allow me to minister to them I need to explain, as briefly as I can, about soul fragments and how they affect can effect us. I believe they have to have at least a basic understanding so that I can get past their mind and to their heart. So she replies at some point and says 'well that would explain some things'.

Now keep in mind she's working the beat as customers are coming and going. So we are stopping and going ourselves and I'm trying not to keep her from doing her job. I'm trying my best to look as normal as one can in the hopes of casting out demons and dealing with the forces of evil! Ok so here's a truth bomb - I actually looked pretty normal because this is actually normal . . . or at least it should be.

So we start praying (praying to Yeshua/Jesus, asking for forgiveness, etc.) and I believe she starts sensing a little something somethin' going on. She tells me that she has been diagnosed with bipolar/schizophrenia and has been in some bad relationships, deals with anger, etc. etc. She's starting to believe. Yes!

She told me about how some other non-bible believing woman was stalking her with their religious paraphernalia so she initially thought I may be a little looney-tunes myself. I mean heck there are plenty of bible-toting people that would agree . . . but we know better, right? I said Right?!? (Just checking)

Heb 2:3 how shall we escape if we neglect so great a deliverance, which first began to be spoken by the Master, and was confirmed to us by those that heard, 4 Elohim also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Set-apart Spirit, distributed according to His own desire?

So we finally making some progress so I tell her I'm going to speak to the demon to see if she can hear what the entity says. And sure enough she can and does.

Ok stop there - for this public service announcement. I believe that many people don't know what spiritual giftings they have in them until they try. Many people read about, talk about, study spiritual gifts but don't always test nor try them out. Just something to think about. Of course I could say much here but I don't want to lose your attention and make this into another teaching.

I'll just say that we were able to bring up the spirit of Anger which was the strongman. We bound up and cast out the others as well. She said she felt better afterwards. Of course there may be more that is needed so I gave her my card and some other information to help her.

This was was a divine appointment. I told her that Yeshua/Jesus sent me to her this night so that she could be free. Ruth accepted Yeshua's call and Yeshua did what only He could do - be her Savior/Deliverer.

Oh and by the way on the way home my USB cable starting charging my phone as it should have. I was setup - but that's ok as He was glorified and I like it when He uses me like that. I'll ask that He tell me next time and include me in on the gag but that may take the fun out of it . . . for Him.

I love this ministry.

Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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