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Updated: Jan 24

For that are interested, after the car accident I was on on Sep 23, 2023, my family initiated a GiveSendGo funding page for me (Interestingly enough, there were actually people from GiveSendGo that called me to pray with me. Neato!).

I used the GiveSendGo site as a blog so people could help see what they were 'investing' into & that their money was being used for a good cause. Since that monetary goal was met I wanted to archive those writings here (typos and all . . . actually I fixed most of those but just in case).

As of this writing I'm slowly starting to get back into full-time ministry but I'm not there yet as I still have some healing that needs to occur.

Regardless, there have been many miracles along the way as I've had many doctors, nurses, and others tell me that I'm walking miracle for surviving that accident as well as how fast my healing has occurred. Since I don't have anybody to compare myself to that I know I sometimes forget how big and how may miracles there have been.

I just know that most of my healing was out of my control so I give that credit to Yeshua/Jesus! So Praise Him!

I pray this encourages you in some type of way.



Update #1 

October 27, 2023

Yesterday, Noe put pressure on his feet trying to stand for the first time since 9/28/2023. He was up for about 15 seconds with assistance. A little nervous, but he was happy for his body to have this type of movement. This is the first step towards recovery! One step at a time. We'll take it. 


Update #2

November 26, 2023

Note: This update was written prior to 11/17 but is just now getting posted.


Hello All,

This is Noe. First off, I want to say thank you if you've taken an interest enough to take the time to read this update..

Where to start? How about we start from the present?

So I've been making significant progress while in first visit to acute rehab. During the initial weeks, I've had many doctors and nurses tell me that I'm lucky to be alive and almost as many that are amazed at the amount of rehabilitation progress I've made since the accident (Btw, I hold no grudges against the driver or Yah/God for what has happened). There have been so many times where I can see Yah's/God's hand working to where a particular situation could have gone bad but worked in my favor. Maybe but 100% of the time but most of the time. 

At this point, I'm able to transfer from the hospital bed to a wheelchair or a bed-side commode fairly easily. I'm and to get up into a walker fairly easily. The therapists here are great and pushing me hard - which they say is good but I wonder at time if they are mad at me, lol. I still have a ways to go. At this time, me left leg isn't very responsive, compared to my right leg, overall although I can sense touch, pressure, and temperature in my feet.

So even when the doctor says I can put weight on my left leg it will really depend on what my left leg can do despite whatever status is assigned. Hopefully, the xray of my pelvis scheduled for 11/17 will change the status for my left leg so I can start focusing on getting both of my legs functional which will help me greatly when I get some. 

I believe Yeshua/Jesus will heal me 100% but only He knows the timing of that. Doctors give facts but the truth is Yeshua/Jesus is our Delivery/Healer.

As you would guess I'm ministering along the way. At times, I may be 'evangelizing', in a sense, while I pray for those in pain with positive results, have been prophesying, and even have done a little deliverance believe it or not.

The ministry Yah/God allows me to have, Walk with Yah (WWY), is all about sharing what spiritual warfare is about, that is real, and how does that work - seeing people free from their oppression so they can do what they were called to do in His Kingdom ultimately. You can find out more info at

I basically try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh to free people from spiritual oppression, what many people think is 'normal' such as, but not limited to, anger, depression, the effects of past molestation, bi-polarism, DID (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder), generational curses, etc as well as ministering to people's human spirit.

Many of the people that have helped me here in the hospital, like most people in the world, are unaware of this. So when they ask me what I do many are very intrigued asking all kinds of questions. Others take it in for the moment but I can't tell if they'll consider it any further. All I can do is try to do my part. I leave the rest up to the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh.

So that's the current state so let's move into the fairly recent past.

Before the accident, I was spiritually in a very good place. I was deep in prayer, reading the Bible daily seeking Him while He was responding by showing me how those chapters in the Bible could be applied to my life, and I was sensing His Presence around me. I was seeking Him for answers/direction.

During that time, I read a newsletter from Diane Hawkins (Restoration in Christ Ministries) whom I admire. She was recently hospitalized herself. In this email, she said she believed Yah/God told her sometimes to get that greater authority or revelation you have to sacrifice yourself (by His choosing and not ours). So I told Yah/God, I'm yours so do with me as you wish.

I believe since late 2022 this was going to be a year of transition for me as He relayed this to me in a dream. I didn't realize this late into 2023 I'd still be going through transition. I'm not convinced He's done transforming me either. Sure all of us are in transition at all times. I get it but I mean in regards to matters of His Kingdom mostly. I believe that WWY will operate differently after this but I can't really tell you how. All I can say is I'll let Him have His way and try to get out of the way as much as possible.

Hmm. What else? Oh yeah - the future? For those have been in similar situations, you know there is still much to be done in His timing (as for now I just need to rest in Him). I have no clue what the hospital costs will be but I'm starting week 6 so I'm sure I've racked up quite the bill. I don't know how much will the elderly woman driver's insurance will pay, or what future out-of-pocket costs that I may have. 

What I can say is that I'm not worried about it. Ultimately I trust Yah/God to meet my needs . . . but many times He does that through people.

So I make this appeal to share this drive with your network of people to see if the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh puts it up on your heart to help me so that I may continue to help & free His people.

So with that, I'd just like to them you again for taking to the time to learn about my story and how you may be able to help.




Update #3

November 26, 2023 

Hey everybody,

It's me again, Noe. For those that care to know the details, here is another post update from my Emory hospital bed. I've been in the hospital for about 2 months now and I'm itchin' to bust loose.

Since the last update, I had the xray on my pelvis and left leg to hopefully update me to a more favorable status. I was hoping they would update my status more favorably so that I could go home within the week. No go. Since the damage included both the anterior & exterior pelvis it was a bit more extensive which, you guessed it, requires more time (8-12 weeks normally) so the orthopedic team wants me to come lay on the cold metal table again for another x-ray in around a month, after 11/17.

As the next weekend after the xray started approaching, confusion started setting in and I noticed that my hands were shaking so it became much harder to text (my main form of communication at this time). I also noticed on my left arm, from my elbow to my wrist, was inflamed, extremely sensitive, and I was unable to move my fingers.

Saturday night, 11/25/23, around midnight came around and my temperature rose to around 100 degrees. This caused an immediate response from a team that filed my small little room. It turned out I had sepsis so I was moved back to ICU. Over the next few days, after several tests, the cause of the sepsis pointed to an inflamed gall bladder. For this I was honored with the prestigious award of having an external bag for the excess gall bladder fluid to drain into.

My arm turned out not to be cause by blood clots, was an unrelated issue but the sepsis still may have incited a response. My left hand isn't completely functional but it works enough for me to hop around with a walker.

I appear to be stabilizing now and getting ready to be sent back to the therapy/rehab floor to once again help me get back to a state of normalcy - whatever that is.

Today, while a cleaning lady came in, I struck up a conversation which I normally do. I asked her if she needed prayer. She stopped what she was doing immediately as she said 'Yes'. She briefly told me of all that she has encountered over the years. I gave her a brief rundown of how spiritual warfare works and what she may experience when I pray.

I started leading her in a prayer. When I go to the part of her asking forgiveness, even generationally, for idolatry, her body locked up, her eyes go big (as if some entity was looking at me through her eyes) and she looked very distraught. I asked "Who is this? What is your name?" to see if I could elicit a response. This lady came back into control of her body and immediately said "I have to go".

I don't know if just asking for forgiveness was enough or more needed to be done. She was functionally intact but obviously spooked by what had just occurred. I let her know, just in case, more than likely she needs to deal with generational idolatry which she strongly agreed with. I hope she comes back during her shift. I don't know.

Again, most people don't know what they are fighting against or where the real battle is. Walk with Yah wants to help shine the light on the darkness to set people free. If you feel the Holy Spirit/Ruach haKodesh impress upon you to give, I want to thank you for partnering with me to help get the word out.

Peace & Blessings,



Update #4

December 1, 2023

Greetings & Salutations Everybody,

I just thought I'd share a picture of the aftermath of my car that was totaled. The emergency workers actually had to  cut me out of the car with the ‘jaws of life’. 

I wish I could thank all of the thankless & continually serving people that have helped me during this ordeal.

I have also learned about how hospitals work and such. I've come to the conclusion that I'd just rather stay away - as a patient.

Warm Regards,



Update #5

December 18, 2023

When one door closes another opens.

So as I'm leaving rehab, I have quite a few things/lessons to reflect on but not get stuck on. Admittedly, I'm always trying to look for life's lessons as one who enjoys growing.

Naturally, I'm going to have to learn how to continue exercising without as many physical therapy sessions (PT; as the therapists waited until the end of my stay that 'PT' actually stands for 'pain & torture').

Spiritually - oh soo many but especially of how much Yah/God loves me. I don't always focus on nor can feel that aspect but I'm learning more on how to receive His Love. For some of us, this actually takes focused effort. I've been one of those but I'm learning to try to flow more from the heart/spirit.

During this time, there have been quite a few prophetic words spoken. Many that confirmed what I've been sensing for awhile. But prophetic words don't mean anything until they do even if it's just a confirmation off being on the path to ultimately being fulfilled. Time will tell but until that time I will do what I feel is my last to bring them to pass. We have a big part to play in the blessings Yeshua/Jesus bestows upon us.

One of the words spoken was that 3 kings would bring me gifts. Interesting. One particular Saturday, three different couples visited me, all having a relationship with Yeshua/Jesus. In their own ways, the common denominator was that they told me how they were learning to be more dependent upon His Voice. In two cases, the spouses strive to get independent but confirming messages to guide their actions. Beautiful . . . Just beautiful. Is this what the prophetic message referred to? Very possibly as the Bible does refer to disciples as kings and priests (Revelation 1:6).

Even though I'm leaving rehab I still have much progress I need to make. My rehab exit date was 12/14. As of that time I could still not put weight on my left foot.

HOWEVER, I had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor, on 12/15, who reviewed an x-ray of my pelvis taken earlier in the day. She stated on Christmas day that, after 12 full weeks from my pelvis surgery, that my left foot would be fully weight bearing!!! Woohoo!!! That doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be doing gymnastics right away but that will greatly increase the amount of time until I'm fully walking again! That greatly exceeded my expectations So even though my left foot is more mobile it is still very weak. Watch out world!

But let's discuss some other matters that may interest you. Some of the donations given will be used to purchase another vehicle. The remainder of the proceeds will be used for monthly expenses. As of this time I'm not sure how Yah/God wants me to go forward but rather wants me to focus on my relationship with Him and getting healed up.

So until then I will continue to do more posts to let those people who have invested in me and what I'm doing.

So I welcome you to come back . . . or even share this page with others that you may feel can also contribute but only contribute but to invest in me & this ministry - as I'm trying to give back in a sense by somewhat sharing how I believe Yah/God is working in my life so perhaps you can look for that in your own life.

Shalom and thank you for your prayers, donations, and time.



Update #6

January 1, 2024

2024/01/01 Happy New Year! My resolution . . .

I'll save the suspense for later. My resolution is to get better in every way . . . although I make that resolution often as I'm always trying to get better. I mean shouldn't we all be seeking to be what Yeshua/Jesus created us to be!

So as you probably saw, the $20k goal was reached!!! Miracles do still occur as getting close to the end of the year the goal was still aways off (and EVERY contribution helped!). This goal will definitely help me going forward (but I'll still keep this page going for awhile in case there are some that want to give beyond the stated goal). 

THANK YOU to everybody who was praying for me and even supported me financially. Let this be a testimony that if you take care of Yah's/God's business that He'll take of you when you are in His will (that can be the tricky part at times).

I plan on continuing with the Walk with Yah (WWY) ministry ( but for right now my main focuses are on my continued rehabilitation and my relationship with Yeshua/Jesus. So all of your money will be used to pay/pray it forward as this will help me to focus on getting people freed from their spiritual oppression (which many even bible believers don't know that they are fighting in spiritual warfare). 

I had another what 'miracle' (as I'm calling it).as couple came to pray for me. I hadn't seen them in years as they live way up North. They prayed over me and I'll say my left left went from around 50% functionality to around 75-80% functionality. So I sent from walking with one leg playing catch-up to talking steps like a normal person. Now I still use the walker for balance and support as my left knee & foot still feel the pressure and have some aches and pains. No worried. I will be 100% healed at some point if not 120% healed. I'll take whatever healing I can get.

I wonder if I didn't get a full healing because I still need more time in prayer to focus on my relationship with Yeshua/Jesus - to get the vision for these upcoming times. If I would have gotten 100% healed I may have gone back to the old 'normal'. Who knows? But it seems like a valid thought to me.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and time,




Update #7

January 19, 2024

Signing Out for now - but that doesn't mean Good-bye  

Hey All,

This will be my last update on GiveSendGo. Since the goal has been reached and I'm progressing with my healing, I'm slowly getting back to whatever my new 'normal' is. But before I do that I want to share how Yah/God has been moving in my life as many have been amazed at how fast the healing is coming along.

So in the last update, I had a friend pray over me that I started 'walking' but having my walker close-by just in case. After that I decided to go to church since it had been awhile. They felt the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit moving and decided to pray for healing for the people there. I started testing out my left leg with the walker nearby and by golly my left leg started moving more to where I felt I didn't really need the walker. So after that I graduated to a cane!

I'm still not at 100% with my left leg as is extremely weak. Walking I can do. Stairs are still very challenging. I'm going to a good Physical Therapy place so there is still more healing that needs to occur.

Since my last update I also bought a 2015 SUV. I could not have done this without meeting this GiveSendGo goal. Oh yeah and one more thing . . . my water heater had to be replaced as well. Since I'm a minister, I've been trusting Yah/God to provide through people like yourself and He has proven Himself faithful!!!

So Im still focusing on my relationship with Him trying to develop my level of sensitivity and obedience. I think this will be needed for where the world is going and for me to be able to help others. I feel that Yah/God has given me some personal direction - that will impact the ministry He allows me to work with Him on - which I'm sure will lend itself to the overall ministry. At this point, it's just learning how to follow Him daily.

So if you want to know more about me and what Yeshua/Jesus is doing, you can follow Walk with Yah at - or on the various social media outlets which you can find from the website.

But for now I just again want to say THANK YOU! for helping me in a time of need. As with most people, we tend to be better 'givers' than 'receivers'. I recall laying in the hospital bed being incapable of meeting even the smallest of my needs (where even the little things become seemingly big things) and Yah/God telling me that this would be a lesson for me during this time - that I needed to learn how to receive. 

I pray this sharing of my testimony has helped those that needed to read these updates. Thank you and I pray Yah/God blesses you in ways that I can't and even moreso.


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