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It's closer than you think...take a peek

You've been waiting I know. I'm not purposefully making you wait to build up suspense so know that. I've been working in the background, late at night, early in the mornings, strategizing, and learning. Why? For you of course.

I've been saying for a bit that I'll be working on putting out some short videos on the YouTube Walk with Yah channel. What I didn't realize is that there is more to it than I expected. I prefer not to waste your time or mine so I've been trying to learn how to how to say the most in the least amount of time so I just don't blab on about nothing important (kinda like I'm doing now. Don't you dare agree with me! Lol).

But as a small token of how serious I am, this time ;-), I'm sending you and updated graphic that I put on the WWY YouTube channel and Facebook page as well. For those that may appreciate graphics and visual effects here is something I came up with that helpfully tells of what WWY is about visually and quickly.

Can you get all the references?

Prayerfully I'll have a video blog (vlog) up soon.



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