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My new Blahg? Well not really . . .

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Shalom Y'all. Soo I started a blog a few months ago but life happened. I'm changing my attitude as I want people to see what Yah/God is doing and that I actually do stuff . . . really. I had some missed opportunities for sure that I should have written about but there will be others as ministry isn't 'Blah' I'm here to tell you. So I choose to forgive myself for all of those missed opportunities and I pray you forgive me as well. Look at it this way - I'm giving you a chance to practice forgiveness. :-)

So this past weekend I got the chance to do ministry Drew Sewell and the Maximum Impact Love team (MIL; as they have been ministering to the needy for around 12 years thereabouts. They have figured out what works for them and it was impressive to say the least. I was able to join them for their first out-of-state visit in Baton Rouge, LA. They ministered to the needy with free food, games for the kids, free haircuts and much more while ministering to the needy. In this particular community there had previously been 8 youth deaths in the past 7 weeks in addition to lingering damage from past hurricanes (e.g. mold). There were strongholds of death and Belial (i.e. worthlessness) in the area. This was a place that needed the love of Yeshua/Jesus indeed. Many lives were touched and the people were very appreciative. Here are some highlights:

MIL got some radio time courtesy of WTQT 106.1 FM in Baton Rouge, LA.

As would be expected in an environment created to bring His Kingdom to earth there were miracles as well. This young lady had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but after praying she was able to move fluidly

These two brothers chose to accept Jesus after 'Mama Curtis' spoke some prophetic words into their lives. Afterwards I was able to continue with some deliverance prayers and they 'felt' the effects immediately afterwards as Jesus gave the demons an eviction notice. God is good!

There was much more than this going on but here is a snippet so you can get a feel of the experience.

I'll be back - with updates of more exciting Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit adventures!

Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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