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Prayers of Deliverance (audio prayers)

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Well do I have some great news for you! You like prayers don't you? and getting blessed? And you like music too I'm assuming. Well then you'll really enjoy this:

This is an audio project that a friend of mine put together that combines prayers and audio music so you, the listener, can get blessed. Actually it may be better if I let Matt explain what this project of his is about:

The essence of the project was to take deliverance prayers and add prophetic music to it. When David played the Lyre, Saul was refreshed and a harmful spirit departed from him (1 Sam 16:23). Moreover there are multiple places throughout scripture where it is said that musicians prophecy on there instruments (1 Chron 25:1-3). The majority of the prayers and decrees are written in first person as something the listener can walk through themselves.  There are also worship songs on the album. - Matt Geary

But before I get to the really good stuff I want to tell the back story. So you probably didn't know but I putz around with playing bass guitar and even a little 6-string bass and a guitar (No, I don't mean they are miniature guitars I mean I play them when I can which isn't much these days).

Quite a few months ago we put together a worship band for a night of worship. We were lucky enough to score a gentleman named Matt Geary and OMG! I love to watch/hear Matt play the bass! He is something funky fresh! But as I got to know Matt I learned he was full of all kinds of surprises. I learned he plays many instruments, does deliverance, and likes to go deep with the Bible. Here is pic of Matt playing the guitar when I had the opportunity to play with him:

So here is a pic of me playing the bass that night. I don't know how well I played (I shudder to think) but at least I had the look down, lol.

So fast forward a few months and it turns out Matt feels a calling to make a Deliverance audio CD. He actually asked some LFM ministers along with myself if we would be interested in recording some prayers. I can say 'No' in 9 different languages at once but how many different ways could I quickly say 'Yes' in? (thankfully only English was required).

So on the big day, on the drive in, I believe I feel Father Yah tell me He wants me to pray on Bitterness. So then . . . Yes sir, bitterness it shall be then. I did my best not to say "Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate/bitterness. Hate leads to suffering.” Although I'd like to give a shout out to Yoda I was proud of myself for remaining serious (and btw that actually may be Rabbi/Sage Yoda for those that didn't know Yoda could actually mean 'one who knows' in Hebrew. Strangely enough Yoda actually speaks with the verb first and then followed by the direct object and then the subject, or vice versa. There are actually quite a few Jewish words in the Star Wars movie if you didn't know that already. See this blog was worth your while just for that morsel of info. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah).

So we recorded the prayers and very recently Matt let me know that the project is complete. Oh boy! Here is the YouTube video of Matt's amazing work that he put behind my words:

Now mind you Matt has played with some big name musicians. He is no joke. He actually has Phil Stacey on this album (an American Idol finalist). And yes that's Matt playing the piano too.

Matt actually shared some stories with me of people getting deliverance while listening to this audio music. I'm like what? Really? I mean it just recently got published. Yep, signs and wonders. So I'm believing many people will be blessed by 'Prayers of Deliverance'. If you do get healed by listening to these audio files please let me so I can pass on the testimony (Rev. 12:11).

But I do want to say this. If you like this music I ask that you support Matt and the work that he is doing. He is a very talented and humble individual that wants to see Yah's people blessed. He is all about the Kingdom of Yah.

You can find this CD on the normal channels but Matt will get the biggest return on his effort if you buy this music from CD Baby. If you haven't heard of it, CD Baby is an independent distributor that lets musicians that don't have a big label contract publish their music. So it's legit.

CD Baby -

as well as iTunes & Apple music.

Enjoy & Shalom.

Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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