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SwY-004 Lions, tigers, and bears . . . and your little dog too.

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Welcome back! I'm actually aiming this at myself as well as it appears my frequency is putting out updates every 2 weeks or so. Please excuse the subject title cliches as yes I'm sure they are overused but it's late and what can I say? They fit. Oh wait but you don't know what I'm writing about do you? Then you'll have to read what I have to say then. I'll just say for now you can't make this stuff up (or at least I can't). I know some of you may think I've gone a little too far this time.

In any case it's been a busy couple of weeks. The travel and the deliverance sessions have been picking up so praise Yah! I was blessed to go visit a congregation in Asheville, NC and there were many great testimonies to come out of that. Since I don't have the bandwidth to cover everything I wanted to focus on one aspect that seemed to be come up a few times.

Are you ready? I mean are you really ready? Well here it is:

Yep. I'm amazed too. Well . . . maybe it's not exactly as this pic describes or nothing like it all - but if you use your imagination or rather the eyes of your understanding (Eph 1:18) then maybe you can see a bit better. Ok. I'm sort of playing with you. But you knew that. These are just manipulations of pictures of flames to sort of look like animals. Please excuse my sense of humor as I'm easily entertained and I think I put these things in to entertain myself actually.

So let me change gears here. In all seriousness though, the Ruach haKodesh / Holy Spirit can guide our imagination once we learn how to allow Him to do that (Hebrews 5:15). Through that spiritual guidance we can be lead into the gifts of prophecy or spiritual discernment. I'll do a teaching on that at some point but there are already many great prophetic teachers so mine won't need to be as encompassing. This isn't really the topic of this writing but I wanted to touch on this as I think it's something that all disciples should try to attain to. Or at least I'm just agreeing with Paul as he alludes to this (1 Cor 14:1).

But there is the meat of the matter (meat . . . matter . . . get it? Ugh. Ok. Moving on). For a couple of months now we've been pulling up spiritual animals out of people. I'm not joking this time. Of course, many people are familiar with the spirit of Python being on people along with bats, spiders, octopuses (yes I had to look that up), or a few others. Most people that have been around deliverance expect these and don't really question these anymore. But we are seeing all different types of animals and creatures 'in the Spirit' lately that are oppressing people.

I had the honor of ministering to around 4 different people in Asheville very recently. It was awesome. With the first young gentleman we did a lot of house cleaning (although we knew there was more). As we were leaving (and I don't remember how the events unfolded exactly as there was so much that went on) a lion came up.

This lead to a fallen angel being there (again that'll be another vlog/blog entry at some point but not today). Yes a demon is a demon is a demon - in a generic sense anyway. I get it but sometimes they classify themselves differently. Even Paul in Ephesians 6:12 gives different classifications. Again, this is another topic for another day.

So basically this fallen angel has a whole host of animals assigned to this disciple. I mean there were lions, dogs, bats, reptiles/lizards, and even a whale . . . and maybe some I forgot about. But why? Well you have to think in terms of symbolism - like when trying to interpret dreams or some prophetic visions. It's the same concept. The whale was there, at a minimum, to crush the person he was assigned to. The dogs were there to help this person have carnal thoughts . . . and so on. Do I know all of the meanings of these symbols? No. Can there be more meanings? Yes. I'm only sharing what little bit of knowledge I'm gleaning here myself.

I'll just say don't lean up your own understanding and pride (Pro 3:5-6). There is a lot that we don't really understand in spite of the latest electronic technologies - which in my opinion is being lead more by the soul than the spirit. Think about it. Again, yep you know where I'm going with this - that'll be for another day.

I feel compelled to share these stories (generically anyway) to help people understand how things work in the spirit realm as I'm learning myself. I believe a big reason many 'believers' don't believe in healings, prophetic words, deliverance, and other aspects of the supernatural/spiritual realm is, in part, because not many talk about it because they are scared people are going to think they are crazy.

I understand that yes there are many more people nowadays that believe in the supernatural than they're used to be (Thank you Sid Roth and countless others for being so brave for standing for the Truth in spite of opposition) but there are still many more that need to understand the Bible from this perspective as well. I also understand that the enemy can still decieve many if they don't balance Spirit and Truth, test the spirits, etc. So all of that to say I just believe we need to share our supernatural/spiritual experiences with others who may not be so inclined to at least open them up to the possibility. We need to plant seeds of faith. Not to be a lawyer but a witness as that's what we are called to do. But the way I see it is if there are more people that tell the truth about these encounters the less that some people can deny it. Right? I said, Right? (Nod your head in an up & down motion - of that helps).

Okay. I feel better now. So really I'm not trying to share for the primary purpose of shock value but moreso for education purposes. Many people fear the unknown which is understandable but they also have to know that there are people that can help guide them through these areas AND that it can be done using the Bible. What's the alternative? For the congregations to tell them to get lost? As they very well may go to look for answers in ungodly ways as they seek answers. Sometimes biblical truth is stranger than fiction. I feel better again in case you were wondering - so thank you for allowing me that. Now back at the ranch . . . er, I mean zoo . . .

So the next day I minister to another young man. The Ruach haKodesh / Holy Spirit shows us that there is some witchcraft in the bloodline. So we start to finish up with that and the Ruach shows us something about a white buffalo. It turns out some people in his bloodline worshipped a white buffalo many moons ago.

Lastly, I minister to another young man who loves Yah/God but is battling some carnal urges. I tell him the Ruach / Holy Spirit is showing me a dog and he immediately says he sees 10 of them. As you can imagine we round them and got them gone. In addition to the other stuff we got rid of at the end of the session he felt totally relieved and could sense the oppression had left.

Soo there you have it. All I can say is that Yeshua is amazing! He is the Deliverer indeed! I'm not sure how to say He is also creature control in Hebrew but He's all that and much much more.

Oh and I didn't mean YOUR little dog but rather the demon's dogs, or air-land-water creatures. You know what I'm talking about, right? At least you should start to now.


Wanting His Character, Peace, and Blessings for YOU!


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