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The WWY Church is now online!

ICYMI (In case you missed it), the Walk with Yah (WWY) Church is now online (and has been since early March 2021 actually). It's been very busy here at WWY so that's good right? Right!

WWY is about setting people free, helping others to learn that biblical spiritual warfare is real, and that we all have a personal part. I can't fight your personal spiritual battles for you although WWY is more than willing to help you. Most people are not aware that much of what is oppressing them is spiritual.

WWY also wants to help people get spiritually 'activated' so that you can join with others to help fight in the spiritual realm. We all have spiritual gifts even though you may not know what your gifting is yet. You have a calling on YOUR life that Yah / God has given you and the enemy wants to keep you from YOUR destiny at all costs.

WWY is now online so that YOU can participate! Click here for more info.

WWY will be teaching on various spiritual warfare and biblical application topics with intermittent special guests. And then after the class, YOU can participate with any questions/comments that you may have (via chat). This way we can all learn together.

OR maybe you may have a topic to suggest that you'd like for us to delve into - as this Live Stream will have a very personal touch; OR perhaps you have a recent testimony that you would like to share with the class . . . I mean church.

Oh and btw WWY is not trying to take anybody away from their home 'church'. This is just another way for you to grow . . . to help you learn how Yah's / God's creation works - amongst peers.

Here are some of the recent topics that have been discussed:

Sounds inviting doesn't it? Curious? then join us.

I look forward to seeing you online!



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